14'26.71N - 57'13.41W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Wed 15 Dec 2010 23:42

Day 25


Sunrise – Late Again!!!

Wind – 8 – 20 knts

Speed – 6 – 8 knts


The day started well with broken cloud hiding a blazing sun once more. Topping up the tan seemed the order of the day as we all sat in the cockpit watching Spinner Dolphins playing around the boat and leaping clear all of the water. They weren’t with us for long, but soon another yacht appeared off our port beam, the first we had seen for days. Something far more menacing also appeared to port – big, black, ugly clouds and sure enough with Tony and Dez on watch in just their shorts, a huge deluge came down on them and both knew how Noah felt! Soaked to the skin, they grimly sat it out – and through a follow up a short time later. Thankfully, the oilies had been passed out by then. As the evening drew in and the mileage to St Lucia fell to below 250 miles, it seems that our final arrival will happen in the morning of Friday and we can then join all our friends, who have already arrived, for some celebrations!!