22'22.59N - 20'16.01W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Thu 25 Nov 2010 09:14

Day 4


Sunrise - 0715

Wind – 5-6knts

Speed – 2-4knts


Today started with very light winds, which was forecasted, we found it difficult to keep the spinnaker flying so we decided to bring down the kite and roll out the head sail and the full main, now we are making a steady 3.5knts with 7knts of apparent wind.

Breakfast was served from Sara, whilst we had a pod of dolphins jumping around the boat; we managed to take a couple of photos.

After lunch Sara went for a swim around the boat, as we were be calmed for a while and then we were faced with a problem, as Dennis started the engine to charge the batteries, and found a new problem the throttle mechanism had seized, so Dez & Gareth were tasked with locating the cable in the engine bay to disengage the cable from the gearbox.

During the afternoon watch, Gareth had managed to lose Dennis’s favorite lure when a large fish took a fancy to it, and Gareth could not bring it in quick enough, and he also failed to identify the fish (he’s no Uncle Albert). Martin heard over the radio that a neighboring boat had spotted a sperm whale, so we look forward to see the pictures... Tonight’s cook was Dennis, he provided the crew with a lovely chili con carne wit boiled rice , now we are in a patch with not much wind, making 2.8knts in 5knt of wind under a clear sky with hundreds of Visible stars…