20'24.40N - 24'04.61W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Fri 26 Nov 2010 20:00

Day 6


Sunrise - 0750

Wind -5-8knts

Speed -5-6knts


The day started with a beautiful sunrise breaking through the clouds again, at this point we were making 8knts with a slight swell from the north, now we are making good progress towards St Lucia .Gareth, our navigator has been teaching 2 of our crew welsh, and now they are putting a song together, watch out Susan Boyle…It is now 1230 and the skipper is asleep, after coming off his Watch, Sara made us lunch, which again was enjoyable.

After lunch we decided to try a bit of fishing again, whilst Dennis and Gareth were trying to solve the problem with our generator(Gareth thinks he knows everything about hot wiring cars because he lives in Caernarfon but has great difficulty starting generators) after a few attempts the fish finally gave in, and we caught another Dorado, a little smaller to the first one we got, Dennis has now gutted & filleted the fish for supper tomorrow night, in the mean time tonight’s meal is being prepared by Antonio chefinni..

In the last 6hours we have done 28nm but at least we are going in a westerly direction, we now have 2149 to get to our destination. It is forecasted heavy winds (25/30knts) for tonight and we look forward to getting the boat moving as quickly as possible. We have plotted all the boats in D Class and it looks were lying in 8th place.

Our position is more to the north & west of a lot of the other boats that went down close to the African coats, who will face problems going west in the strong westerly winds tonight.


          Dez with the catch of the day                                This evening at sun set

                      ‘A Dorado’