28'03.66N - 15'21.53W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Wed 24 Nov 2010 11:35

Day 1


Las Palmas Bay


Well it’s Race day, and with some grey clouds in the sky with little rain, it has not ruined the atmosphere on the pontoons, as crews carry out their last checks onboard.

As the crews were getting ready to cast off their lines, we went along the pontoon to say goodbye and to wish them luck with the crossing and that we would see them in t Lucia,  we were shortly followed by a Gran Canaria brass band with 2 people on stilts and a juggler, people along the pontoon were taking photo’s of the band and of each other, and then it was time to cast those lines and make our way to the start line, as we were leaving the marina entrance there were hundreds of people gathered along the break water wall waving  and cheering at each boat passed.

Before the start of the race all the boats were milling around, it was just like Piccadilly Circus during rush hour. We made a very good start, crossing the line a few seconds after the signal and we were away. The sight was breathtaking with sails of every colour under the sun being displayed. After half an hour we were about mid fleet with a long journey ahead, but we were all thoroughly enjoying ourselves.