23.13.32N - 19'25.04W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Wed 24 Nov 2010 11:41


Day 3


Sunrise at 0730

Wind -10-15knts

Speed -7-9knts


At 0730 we saw 2 yachts cross our stern heading off in a southerly direction, Tony had managed to take a photo of both yachts with the sunrise behind. At 8am it was time to change shifts, up came Dennis and Sara, during their watch, the wind had picked up just slightly so the main was rolled out. Whilst I was off watch the crew had managed to take down the spinnaker to check the halyard and sheet & guys and rolled out the head sail…AND then, uncle Albert (Dennis)caught the first fish of our race, a Dorado weighting in at 8lbs, Guess what was on the menu for tonight’s meal… Fresh fish…and lovely it was too…