update 16/11/10

Dennis and Sara Williams
Tue 16 Nov 2010 13:36
The countdown for the ARC is now well and truly on, we’ve six days left before the start and the whole marina is buzzing with activity. A few boats have pulled out we are told, having failed to get here or have been damaged on route to Las Palmas. This just shows how bad the weather has been further north. We were just glad that we made the delivery trip when we did.
Contrary to the last report, we didn’t make the opening ceremony on Sunday as the wind died down and gave us an ideal opportunity to change the sails. Both the main and genoa were exchanged for new ones, with the old ones packed away for storage. It was hot work as the sun was beating down once again. This work took us the early afternoon after which we went for a well deserved few beers to cool down. After a meal, we all returned to Gwawr and were all in bed by 9 o’clock!!!
That was good thing really as three of us, Des, Martin and Tony were away early yesterday (Monday) on a coach tour up to the mountains of Las Palmas. Guess what? Yes folks, it rained all day and we saw absolutely nothing of the mountains, the spectacular scenery etc of the island, just thick fog and driving rain and temperatures down to15 degrees. It was just like being back home. Our guide informed us that it was the first time this year that the whole island had suffered rain from north to south – typical. One consolation was the huge lunch we enjoyed with loads of wine to wash it down. Consequently, everyone fell asleep for the next part of the journey – well, we might as well with nothing to see. By the time we returned, Sara had arrived back and the team was gaining strength. Only Gareth to arrive again, just wish he could be out sooner with us, to enjoy some of the pre-race activities.
We are now into Tuesday and the agenda today includes shopping for the main part of our provisioning and hopefully, if the weather permits, to finish packing away the sails. Dennis, Martin and Sara have some seminars to attend this afternoon; this leaves Des and me without babysitters!!! – the two stowaways, Huw Puw and Cahill will have to keep an eye on us, although as you’ve seen before, they are easily led astray. Watch this space for the next report.