19'54.18N - 28'50.14W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Mon 6 Dec 2010 19:33

Day 9


Sunrise -0830

Wind -25-35knts gusting 42knts

Speed – 7-8knts


Well, what a night, strong winds, big seas, heavy squalls.

The wind has picked up a lot, and is now gusting 42knts, we still have the reef in the main and we now have the storm Jib up on the inner forestay, through the night were making good progress, but heading north west with the wind coming from south west, with bumpy seas, so we decided to tack and head more south, and within a few hours the inner forestay (baby stay) snapped and the storm jib was flapping, it broke at the bottom bottle screw, so now we  are heading towards Porto Grande in Cape Verde  to do some quick repairs to the generator & baby stay & a quick turn around so that we can get back in to the race….