15'37.75N - 46'44.86W

Dennis and Sara Williams
Mon 13 Dec 2010 22:54

Day 22


Sunrise - 0715

Wind - 10-15knts

Speed - 7knts



Today was another uneventful day as Gwawr made good progress towards the finish line, with distance reducing to 700nm during the day?

It was another scorching day with clear blue skies & no clouds until late afternoon, once again the minke whales paid us another visit, this time it was a much larger specimen then those we saw yesterday, it didn’t stay long but straight after , four dolphins came

Alongside and did some bow wave riding.

As today is Sunday we had to have a Sunday roast, Dennis the head chef produced a superb beef wellington (NOT SHOP BOUGHT). Even had roast potatoes to go with it & Guess what, there was nothing left…

This was followed by peaches & cream, and all crew fell asleep….Not really….

The night gave us thousands & millions of stars, the task for the night watches was to join up all the dots….we’ve got a long way to go..