Singapore- Part 2

David & Valerie Allen
Sun 19 Dec 2010 01:56
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Monday, November 22, 2010.

Our plans for today included a bit of a hiatus.  Both of us badly needed haircuts.  It was really noticeable in a city where everyone is so smartly turned out.  We had been told that it might cost up to a thousand dollars for a stying session, but Maria from ASPEN and Lica from SOL MARIA found a reasonably priced salon at the mall closest to the marina, Harbourfront Mall.  We were comfortable seated when up popped Juliette from LAROOBAA!  Her Mom, Simone was also there.  (She is going to hate me for this, but I'll show the photo anyway.......

Simone on our Bad Hair Repair day

It was a wonderful experience!  Not only did I have a stylish STRAIGHT haircut, but we also were offered a marvellous scalp, neck and shoulders massage- all for S$30.00! Pampering is wonderful.

This was our special evening out.  Eunice and Guan were each bringing a car and we, along with Sara and Dick  (MOONSHINER), John and Gillian (SPIRIT OF NINA) and  Colin and Sarah (MOONBEAM) were soon on our way for a magical evening.  First stop was The Long Bar at Raffles Hotel for their trademark Singapore Slings.  

Singapore Slings at the Long Bar at raffles Hotel

The atmosphere was wonderful- rows of self-propelled pandanus ceilling fans(at one time, a fan-wallah probably provided the propulsion), bowls of peanuts in the shells on each table and broken shells tossed onto the floor.  The hotel itself caused a lot of jaws to drop in amazement.  After paying S$25.00 for each drink, the male members of the group were happy to hear we only had a few minutes to get to our reservation at 10 Restaurant for dinner.  En route we saw many of our fellow rally members tucking into a very expensive curry dinner in Raffles' Tiffin Room.

10 Restaurant has relocated since we were last there.  It uses to be in a heritage hotel with lots of antique charm.  Unfortunately the hotel was sold en bloc and the owner of the restaurant was forced to find a new home.  The new establishment is clean and white and totally modern- a bit disappointing until we started tasting the food!  The menu is based on nutritious healthy and perfectly seasoned foods, good for your health, not to mention your palette!  We began with my favourite, potato nests with whipped egg whites and truffles.  Good for your complexion and fabulous!  There followed beggars' chicken (baked in clay to seal in the juices), the most fantastic cod fillets, seafood and vegetable dishes we had never heard of before.  It was an incredible feast.  As John and Gillian said, it was an occasion we will all remember when we are very old and sitting around saying, "Remember when..."

A night to remember!