Oa Pu

David & Valerie Allen
Wed 5 May 2010 02:25
02:21.44  S    140:06.31 W

Friday, April 23, 2010.

Unfortunately, we did not sail to Daniel's Bay with many of the other yachts for a picnic and 5-hour hike to a waterfall as I have been suffering for more than a month from amoebic dysentery. We did not have any antiparasitical medication aboard (never thought of it!) so I ahd to wait until Nuku Hiva to have it treated.  It made for an interesting visit to the lovely local hospital.  Thank goodness I speak French or I would have had great difficulty!  The waiting time was reasonable , but the traipse to the pharmacy was extensive!  However, it gave us a chance to visit parts of the village we would otherwise not have seen.  Having left treatment so long, it took a long while to recover.  The fact that the anchorage was EXTREMELY rolly did not help much either!

Finally I was fit to travel again and we decided to sail to the nearest island, Oa Pou  before carrying on to the next area of French Polynesia- the Tuamotos.  I wish we had had time to sail back to the most beautiful island in the Marquesas, Fatu Hiva and to one of the most interesting, Hiva Oa.  The latter island is where Paul Gaugin and Jacques Brel lived and died.  Well- maybe next time around!!!!

The anchorage on Oa Pou, Hakahetau Bay was spectacular with its pinnacles.  We didn't attempt the difficult landing ashore since the dinghy was lashed on deck, but just basked in the beauty.  It was a bit rolly overnight, but not nearly as bad as Taiohae Bay.  We decided to wait for friends who were due to arrive there on Saturday.  We certainly blotted our copybook by telling everyone that it was a comfortable anchorage.  It was one of the most uncomfortable nights we ever spent!  At 3:00 in the morning I heard NORSA calling us and we had to haul up part of our anchor chain to avoid hitting them!  RAYLAH apparently did make contact with a French catamaran anchored beside her!

But, before all the nighttime action, we had a terrific time aboard PEREGRINA playing Nautical Trivia!  It was a great way to start out on our new adventures!

A beautiful, if rolly, anchorage!

Saturday morning workout