Santa Cruz Bay

David & Valerie Allen
Tue 3 Nov 2009 13:30

Thursday, October 22, 2009.


We have begun to fall in love with Santa Cruz Bay.  It is a bit rolly, but the breeze seems to be constant and the scenery is revivifying.  Furthermore we have very congenial nautical neighbours.


Dave tested the watermaker this morning, only to find it is not working- what else did we expect!!?  He has now taken it apart and reassembled it so often he can do it with his eyes shut.  However, even with a new membrane, it still does not function.


We all dinghied over to Laguna Bay for a relaxing lunch.  It took almost two hours for our orders to arrive!  It was such a relaxing time sharing our sailing experiences.  While the others were waiting for the bills, I swam back to the boat and no, I did not beat them back!


                                                                                  Lunch at Laguna

Dave needs a real rest at this point before sailing again, so we have decided to stay here another day or two.  We have already checked out of Curacao, but we can plead exhaustion and boat repairs if the Coast Guard checks on us.  If they don’t accept our reasons, we will just set out for Aruba.