Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia

David & Valerie Allen
Mon 22 Nov 2010 08:49

Once again we calculated the state of the tidal current correctly.  We thought we looked rather impressive with seven boats leaving Gili Air in a stately procession through the reef and on into the channel.  We even managed to get the sails out to assist in motor sailing.  Then we met a much more astounding sight.  Along the horizon, as far as the eye could see in every direction came a fleet of small sailing outriggers- dozens of them!  It seemed as though every small craft in Bali had decided to cross the channel to Lombok that day!  They wove their way amongst our little fleet with ease.  What a glorious sight!

One of the armada of colourful outriggers crossing our path.  They were as graceful as little water striders!

Our intention was to travel straight to Bali Marina in Benoa, but, suddenly, MOONSHINER called us and asked us to stand by them as their engine had broken an alternator belt and Dick could not reach the broken parts that were wedged in the pulleys at the back of the engine.  We were to get lines ready in case a tow was needed.  That would have been a challenge for us as MOONSHINERis bigger and heavier than us.  Luckily LAROOBAA was nearby as well and was prepared to try the tow if need be.  More luckily still, David on MOONSHADOW is a good mechanic and offered to go aboard and help Dick. 

Mechanic transfer between Lombok and Bali

They did manage to remedy the situation, but, by this time the tide was changing against us and we decided to moor at Lembongan Island, Bali instead and make the final crossing next morning.


Mooring in the rolling anchorage was easier said than done.  The only remaining mooring balls were well away from the beach.  We picked up one of the last remaining intact ones and MOONSHINER took the other.  We acclimatized to the rooling, but by mid afternoon we fell a difference and heard a grinding noise.  Eddies were swirling all around us and ANGEL wa

had been turned around on the mooring line and was trapped with the line going from the port bow under the keel and out the starboard aft.  We were stuck and the mooring lines were strained to the limit.  Furthermore, MOONSHINER was swinging very freely and we were about to collide.  in fact, it was necessary to push them off our bow!  Finally, we literally cut through the last few inches of the mooring warp (ours, not the buoy's) and freed ourselves.  Fortunately, the big daytripper boats were leaving and we took up one of their moorings closer to shore (and in calmer waters).

At this point we could actually start to appreciate this "Party Island".  Lembongan is only a few miles from Bali and is a destination for the local people to have fun in the sun and surf.  There actually were brave souls surfing near the anchorage.  There are beautiful holiday homes and hotels ashore and very elaborate structures in the water, complete with water slides for the holiday-makers arriving on the fast day ferries.  it was lively and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.


Here are a few shots of the action.

One of the daytripper "islands"

An even more elaborate structure.  There was even a submarine parked behind us!