Santa Cruz Bay (cont.)

David & Valerie Allen
Tue 3 Nov 2009 13:30

Friday, October 23, 2009.


Oh happy day!  Dave discovered the cause of his watermaker woes and has rectified the situation!  He finally started to relax this afternoon.  Val cleaned the bilges and went for an invigorating swim.  All four boats’ crews gathered at the dive shop for Happy Hour.  What a great time- good company, no preparation or clean-up required!


The Coast Guard helicopter flew over the anchorage today, but, as yet, we have not been asked to move on.


Saturday, October 24, 2009.

We spent a quiet day today- a lot of reading and swimming.  Joan from BREAK & RUN and I swam towards Laguna and then I had a strenuous swim alone as well.



Sunday, October 25, 2009.


This has been an unusual Sunday.  We began by dismantling the settee in order for Dave to check the water tanks.  This led to a complete scrub-down of the area as some food must have slipped down under the boards and need to be removed.


Then the social agenda for the day was established.  My new mask, which ALWAYS seems to be fogged precluded diving with the others.  However, I did swim while they all were gone.  I felt I needed the exercise before a lazy afternoon of dominoes and bocce ashore.


Several of our neighbours decided to eat at the dive shop as it was a seafood brunch.  We, along with KARA DREAM decided it was too expensive and too large a meal and chose to play dominoes instead.  We went happily ashore at 1400 and then the fun began.


Dave decided to do a garbage run ashore for the two boats.  Mission accomplished.  HOWEVER, as he was boarding ANGEL afterwards, his “Croc” slipped into the fast flowing water.  When he lunged to grab it, he overextended and rolled into the water!  How he managed to keep his glasses and hat dry, although his hair was soaked will remain a mystery!


After a quick change, we dinghied over to pick up Karen and Ralph, only to find them searching the depths for Karen’s swimsuit that had blown off the lifelines and was making a hasty departure on the ocean floor.  Despite the fact that for once my hair was neat and dry,  I borrowed Karen’s mask and snorkel, stripped to the skivvies and dove for the offending suit.  Mission accomplished!


However, once again I was bedraggled when greeting the others ashore.  The restaurant was too busy for us to usurp an entire table for dominoes.  Lunch took an hour and a half for the others to be served.  Accordingly, no dominoes, no bocce!


We did have a lovely long chat and a walk ashore and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


I do love this life where anything may or may not happen!