David & Valerie Allen
Thu 5 Nov 2009 17:04

12:30.56N  70:01.99W


Saturday, October 31, 2009.




While we were chatting this evening we both remarked that it has been a little more than three weeks since we left Canada and yet it seems like months!


This morning I set out for the extremely long hike to Windie’s Dive Shop to the north of Oranjestad across from the hospital to replace the lost mask and snorkel and to purchase some spares as well.  Fortunately for Dave, Francis arrived at the dinghy dock at the exact same time with the two alternators.  En route to Windies, I heard someone calling my name, and there was Mike from CONARI!  What a wonderful surprise!  (Unfortunately, Ineke was not with him as she is in Australia attending her family while her father is in palliative care.)  Mike and I had a lovely chat as he drove me in his air-conditioned car all the way to Windies- a doubly great treat.  He will be coming to ANGEL for dinner tomorrow evening.


At the dive shop, I had to make substitutions as everything I wanted is no longer being manufactured.  I DID make the long trek back to the dinghy dock under my own power.  I took just one stop- to buy a large drink at Wendy’s.  That was a lifesaver!  There were many people about, even though it is off season for tourists.  The crafts market was doing a brisk trade.


It was a great surprise to find that Dave had already managed to install the alternators.  HOWEVER, we still have a problem.  The engine starts, but blows a fuse after about 15 seconds, and the burning smell is still there.  Next step, the regulators????  Since there is no wind, the little Honda gas-powered generator is chugging away on deck.


Well, what would we have if everything went smoothly, offering no new challenges?  Karen’s reply……. “Paradise!”


Sunday, November 1, 2009.


It would be hard to mistake this for any other day but Sunday!  It was delightfully quiet on the roads as we walked to the supermarkets to get food for tonight’s dinner “party” with Mike.  Then, this afternoon the area around the anchorage was so active with people swimming at the beaches and zipping about everywhere on motorized aquatic vehicles.  Planes were taking off and landing every few minutes all afternoon and evening.


Dave drove me over to Renaissance Island and I had a fantastic swim.  The new mask and snorkel work brilliantly!


There was little or no wind all day, so our pet Honda was busy again.  It is really earning its keep!  I removed some incipient slimy growth from the gel coat around the water line.  It is a snap when the alga has not  yet taken up permanent residence.


Dinner was a great success- simple, but tasty and in good company.


It looks like we have a full moon tonight- very appropriate around Hallowe’en.


Monday, November 2, 2009.


Another gorgeous day!  Mike picked me up and we drove to the post office.  I had parceled up Jenn’s body lotion, so it was ready to go.  I purchased mailer envelopes for the t-shirts I left on board last spring;  Mom, Jonathan and Jaime should receive them soon.  However, I spent almost as much for shipping as the items were worth.  I don’t think I will be sending more elaborate than postcards in future!  Shopping on line will be my method of choice in future!  I don’t know why it costs more to send a few small, fairly light items to Canada than for Mike to mail 9.5 kg of books to the United Kingdom!


Next stop was to the supermarket to pick up a goodly supply of Diet Coke!  Heaven- not only a ride, but someone to help me transport them to the dinghy!


This afternoon I finally bit the bullet and undertook the task of learning how to create and post this blog.  I have been madly trying to catch up to my written diary.  Adding photos has been a challenge (to say the least), but we are getting there.


I finally got through to the orthodontist and had the work done at Dr. Walker’s clinic- GRATIS!!!!