Dominoes, Dining and Fishing Rods

David & Valerie Allen
Thu 12 Nov 2009 13:50
2:30.56 N   70:01.99 W

Friday, November 6, 2009

Finally, a routine day!  We walked downtown to the internet cafe to post the latest blog entries.  Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the BON BINI photo- back to the drawing board!  Then I went to the Post Office while Dave  proceeded to SUBWAY for sustenance.  Upon our return to ANGEL to leave the computer, we waited out some showers and then hiked to PriceMart for a cake for tomorrow's dominoes luncheon.  Then Dave cleaned the barbeque while I napped.  It is a good thing Dave accompanied me back from my subsequevt swim.  The observation boat from the submarine adventure tour almost ran us down!  We finished the day on deck watching the sun set and a Holland America cruise ship depart.

There was one disturbing moment today.  Dave's fishing rod from Trinidad has lost the rings holding the line due to corrosion.  We investigated having repairs done, but it is not possible.  (What else did we expect?)  Since it is Dave's birthday on the 12th, guess who will be getting a new fishing rod as a gift? 

 Xiomara at the marina office complained to us that earlier in the week two couples from boats in the anchorage caused a scene in the office because their orders were delayed- one by FedEx and the other due to customs holdups.  This kind of behaviour is uncalled for and reflects very badly on all the other cruisers in the area.  We are all visitors here and we are small in numbers.  We deserve no preferential treatment.  The marina office is responsible only to the yachts berthed there.  The staff is going out of its way to be courteous and accommodating to us.  Their assistance is a gesture of good will and we should reciprocate in kind.

Saturday, november 7, 2009.

Today began with a "parade" of fishing yachts motoring through the anchorage en route to a fishing tournament.

This must have inspired Dave to check his own rod again.  Since it is irreparable, he dinghied over to the marina office and purchased a new trawling rod.  It is much sturdier and shorter (easier to pack in the forward cabin) and can hold up to a 50-pound fish.  (Wishful thinking!)  I am looking forward to a steady diet of freshly caught mahi mahi as we travel.

Thus Dave's birthday, Christmas and Anniversary gifts are covered for the year!   (Maybe Fathers' Day too!)

Joedna, once again, prepared a delicious lunch of callalou (local spinach) soup and po'boy sandwiches for luch aboard JO MAMA.  (You might guess she is from Mississippi from the menu).  Afterwards we had a rousing game of Mexican Train dominoes. 

The people you meet are the most special part of the cruising lifestyle!

We finished in time for a swim and, once again, I was thankful that Dave was there to give me a ride back afterwards as the fishing tournament participants returned at high speed.  With 6-8 foot wakes, it was dangerous to dinghy back, never mind swimming!

Monday, October 9, 2009.

Today we walked over to BUDGET (further away than we remembered) to rent a car for the day.  It was put to very good use.

First stop was the supermarkets for fluids- water, beer, Diet Coke- the essentials- and other "necessities".  Then Karen accompanied us to PriceMart, where we purchased more storage bins.  At the S.E. ARUBA  dive shop dock, Karen performed a stunt worthy of yours truly.  She didn't see the dive boat's mooring line and tripped over it sending herself and her beverages sprawling.  Luckily, she was unhurt and only one of the cans of diet Coke was damaged.  It split open on impact.  It is astounding how much coverage one can get from a single drink can!

While I was aboard ANGEL,  trying to find storage spaces for the new purchases, Dave made a garbage and gasoline run.  He jerry-jugged gasoline for the outboard motor.

Before we returned our trusty Yaris, we made one more important run- to PriceMart for a pizza for supper!  Vacationers at the S.E. Aruba dock were heard gasping in amazement that pizza could be delivered by dinghy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009. 

Another normal day.  We visited the internet cafe and managed to locate copies of two of Aruba's free daily newspapers.  We traded in one book at the marina book swap and were encouraged to take back three.

Lunch and dominoes at the poolside restaurant at the Ocean Suites with KARA DREAM and JO MAMA was delicious and a lot of fun.  Kudos to Dave for being the only male to participate in the game!

Back aboard ANGEL, we had a nice conversation with Nancy and John from DIXSEA (named for their little boat dog, Dixie).  They had just downloaded the cruisers' guide to Carthagena from the web and wanted to know if we were the ANGEL who had written the guide.  Well.... yes and no.  Yes we are the correct ANGEL, but no, the former owner, Cindy Robinson was the author!


                                                                  Cruise ship departing Oranjestad.