Oranjestad Anchorage

David & Valerie Allen
Thu 5 Nov 2009 17:03

12:30.56 N   70:01.99 W


Thursday, October 29, 2009




We finally had a wonderful night’s sleep, even though we did check the anchor a few times.


This morning we were up at dawn so Dave could tear the boat apart and spend hours dismantling the small alternator.  The operation was a success, but he emerged from the engine room filthy, scratched and bleeding- beware of cable ties!  Now we are, once again, awaiting the prognosis.


We dinghied ashore to check our emails- the first time since leaving Willemstad.  It took quite a while as there was quite a queue.  Tomorrow I will finally get a haircut and attend to some land-based chores.  It will be wonderful to walk again!  If there is time in the afternoon, I will try to get rid of some of the dust accumulated at the boatyard in Curacao and at the customs dock in Barcadera.  I will even see if I can arrange a pass to swim at Renaissance Island as the anchorage is too busy, especially with the rapid Renaissance Island launches zooming through.



Friday, October 30, 2009.


A very busy day indeed!  I was told by another cruiser that a swim pass would cost US$75.00 a day!  I think I will persuade Dave to accompany me across the channel instead!


Dave walked to the supermarkets (a good half-hour trot) for a few basics, plus some yummy dips and crackers for Happy Hour entertaining.  I had my hair cut- not as stylish as last time at Knippoog, but quite nice and a LOT cooler.  After a lengthy wait at Digicel (it being the end of the month, half of Aruba was contesting its bills), I obtained a local Sim card.  Then I decided to visit the stationary stores to the south of the city, near the stadium.  I tried in vain to hurry back to the post office at mid-town before the lunch closing.  Next stop was the shop where I bought Jonathan’s (as yet unsent) t-shirt, to look for the “dead fish” shirt.  No luck, Jon; you will have to settle for the original one.  At last I met success in buying Jennifer’s aloe vera body lotion at the Renaissance Marina Hotel.  Next stop was the Renaissance Ocean Suites hotel to arrange for a visit to the orthodontist to cement my loose permanent retainer.  At least I now have telephone numbers, but, unfortunately, dentists close at 1300 hours on Fridays!


After a very long hot hike back to the south end of the city, I located the dinghy dock and radioed for my chauffeur.


The afternoon was spent in scrubbing down the teak decks with salt water (to prevent the wood shrinking in the heat and sunlight), followed by a fresh water chamois of the gel coat to get rid of the salt!  Dave washed the salt off the outside of the hull as well.


During all this work, the Coast Guard launch arrived and officials boarded the boat to check our papers.


After all this preparation, we had a delightful evening with Karen and Ralph aboard ANGEL.  We gobbled up Dave’s morning purchases, watched the sun set and listened to the bands at local restaurants and at the Parliament Buildings, where the new government was celebrating its recent win.


GREAT NEWS!!!  One alternator is fine and the other has been repaired.  Now we just have to wait for Francis to work his magic for us!