All Change! The Outboard Gives us a Nasty Surprise

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Mon 28 Aug 2023 18:56
Thursday 24/08/2023 Madeira
Another early start as Rob is leaving us at 0830! Karen and Tony have a frantic morning doing the laundry, and cleaning Niord inside and out. The engineer arrives at 11 to take our outboard for a service, shortly followed by Zoe and Sarah! Zoe and Sarah get their gear onboard then go for a swim while Tony and Karen finish off.
In the meantime, the engineer gets in touch with some very bad news. Our brand new Honda outboard which has done a maximum of 6 hours has water in the oil!! A warranty claim, and spare parts, will take 3 weeks, which we don't have, so the best they can do is to do the service to preserve the guarantee, and do a report for Honda. We will have to pursue the warranty claim in Gran Canaria! The engine comes back, and the mechanics from Costa Nautica kindly load it onboard.
Zoe and Sarah return, and we have a couple of beers at the cafe before eating dinner onboard.