27:44.8N 15:37.4 Las Palmas to Pasito Blanco Marina

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Wed 22 Nov 2023 17:42
01-03/09/2023 Arrival at Pasito Blanco Marina, Gran Canaria
Distance covered: 37 nm
We only  have a couple of nights in Las Palmas. Enough time to tidy up, and top up with diesel. We have time for a quick explore in the older part of town.
We leave early on 2nd November. There is not much wind, but the swell makes itself present. We have to motorsail again. As we approach the infamous wind acceleration zone the wind picks up, so we take in a double reef on the mainsail, and are able to sail. Karen spots some flying fish. We have sunny intervals, and enjoy this short trip.
The marina at Pasito Blanco is busy and full. We announce our presence, and are told to berth at the fuel berth where we get our access cards and are told which is our berth. The marina is quite tight, so Tony has to reverse Niord almost the whole way, and thankfully we arrive at our berth without incident. We go for a well earned beer at the yacht club.
Next day we fill with water, and clean the deck. Tony is taking the hose back down the passarelle to the pontoon when he slips. He manages to hang on to the arch with one hand, and is swinging around like that for a while before landing in a heap on the pontoon. It must have been hilarious for any bystanders. Not fun with a broken rib though! The damage is some rope burns to arm and leg, but the rib is alright, if painful. His litany of mishaps continues! The facilities here are much nicer than at Las Palmas, but much more expensive!