34:17.5N 13:41W On Passage to Porto Santo (2)

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Tue 15 Aug 2023 15:41
Tuesday 15/08/2023 On Passage to Porto Santo
Distance covered: 324nm
Distance to run: 147nm
During the night we have perfect champagne sailing, as we still have a good F6 but the seas have moderated somewhat. The occasional black cloud provides us with a wind boost now and again, taking us to over 8 knots on occasion. We are regularly into the 7s, and Niord is perfectly happy. We still have our double-reefed main for the night, but are now using our full Yankee to make the best of the wind. The star display is amazing, and we see the Milky Way. Tony and Claire run the boat overnight, and Rob does an extra-long session in the morning to allow us a lie in. We are all hungry, so partake in breakfast and lunch. We have 5s and 6s up to lunchtime, but then the wind drops down to F4. We put up the full main, and that helps a little, but with the wind almost directly aft it will be useless to try the staysail as well.
We were hoping to make Porto Santo tomorrow, but at our current speed will arrive overnight, which is not ideal. If things stay the same, we may have to stay out an additional night, which is what we originally planned in any case. Our shipboard routine is starting to run smoothly, so this will be no hardship if we have to.