19:08.6N 25:28.5W Having a whale of a time!

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Wed 6 Dec 2023 19:19
Fri 24 - Sat 25/11/2023 Atlantic Day 6 (Days run from 1200 to 1200 UTC)
Distance run in 24h 149.3 nm. Atlantic distance 840.6 nm. Total distance to date 2771.6 nm.
We swap the pole and boom around so that the pole faces the prevailing NE wind to give us more flexibility. This is the rig which will take us across the Atlantic. It is much more comfortable.
Tanker Thomas Zafilas passes us 1.5nm astern.
On Friday afternoon Tony spots a whale broaching in the distance. He does it several times. What a sight even at this distance. As if this was not enough, shortly afterwards two whales calmly pass us by in the opposite direction not 10m from our starboard side, gently spouting as they go! They are grey, and look like a couple of submarines!
Saturday midday we change course to head further South. The trades are very elusive this year, and there is a large wind hole developing across the central Atlantic covering all the usual routes across. We dare not get caught in it, so South we go!