Pasito Blanco Marina

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Thu 30 Nov 2023 17:32
4-14/9/2023 Time in Pasito Blanco Marina
This is a very busy time for us, as we prepare Niord to be hauled out. Due to his broken rib, Tony is not able to do much, so we end up trying to organise local tradesmen. We have also moved off the boat as we do not fancy spending a week in a yard, so we commute from Playa del Ingles. Playa del Ingles is a bit of an eye opener, but we enjoy a couple of days of downtime on the beach.
There is some activity around the harbour wall behind Niord, so Tony investigates. There is a huge 2-3 foot ray on the wall at the surface.  It appears to be tame, and allows people to touch it. We manage to put our lift back until Friday to get a few things organised. The boys from the yard kindly help us to take down our sails. Niord's engine gets serviced, the sails are collected for servicing, the outboard is collected for the warranty claim.
Friday dawns, and Niord gets lifted without too much trouble, though the aft strop is way too far back. She is safely ensconced in the yard. We arrange for someone to project manage the local tradesmen while we are away, and say farewell to our beloved boat for a few weeks.