50:19.98N 04:38.04W Leaving the UK

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Wed 28 Jun 2023 19:24
28/06/2023 Into the Western Approaches
After a final check of the weather forecast, it became clear that we needed to leave today or stay put for another week, as strong SW winds were forecast from tomorrow. There would also be strongish wind in Biscay, but mostly from a favourable NW direction. Despite not having our satellite communications up and running, we decided we needed to go for it. Trisha Trick was also in Fowey, and we hailed Bill and Pat as we passed. When asked where we were headed, Chris proudly replied "Spain!".
50:08.04N 04:47.82W
49:33.78N 05:21.65W After motorsailing close on the wind for about 10 hours, the wind finally turned in our favour, the Yankee was unfurled, and the engine gratefully switched off. We were finally sailing!