Decisions! Decisions!

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Sun 23 Jul 2023 21:33
Sunday 23/07/2023 Povoa de Varzim
We had a glorious lie in this morning, and for the first time in days did not have to empty out the aft cabin. Joy! Karen is brighter today. Her ear is oozing something, which we hope is a good sign. It's still painful though. We do some planning. If we are able to leave tomorrow, have no further hiccups, the orcas stay away, and the weather turns out as predicted, we can still make Lagos by the end of the month for our reserved berth. That's a lot of ifs! If not, our next weather window will be Thursday, and we will have to do some rejigging of our plans. When we leave here we can't go for a long leg for obvious reasons, so have decided to go to Aveiro. This was on our list of places to avoid, but is a 40-odd mile stretch, with an opt out at 10-miles at Porto if things go pear-shaped. The only snag is Aveiro's a tricky place to get into, and wind, swell and tide need to be just right. Likewise for getting out. There's no alternative for another 40-miles or so, and by the time we arrive it will be dusk, so the alternative will be to head offshore and keep going for the night. Not recommended as far as the orcas are concerned! With it's big swell and endless fishing hazards this coast is no place to be after dark! For all this to happen Karen needs to be feeling better, and we need to make some arrangements regarding the second parcel of hen's teeth. We're hoping to persuade the marina to ship it on for us.
We spend the rest of the day making preparations to leave. After dinner we go for what we hope will be our final walk around this place. We can't even have an ice-cream as Karen has to avoid dairy with her tablets. The marquee for the fiesta is in full swing again. Along the front and in the main shopping area in Povoa every lamp post sports a speaker. Thus one can listen to whatever it is they are broadcasting as one takes a walk. Happily tonight they are silent. We will see what the morning brings.