32:44.5N 16:42.7W Passage to Madeira

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Mon 28 Aug 2023 18:55
Wednesday 23/08/2023 Porto Santo to Madeira
Distance covered: 33 nm
We have an early start, but it takes Karen and Rob a couple of hours to stow the dinghy and engine, as Tony is unable to lift anything. We weigh anchor and head off with full sail. Unfortunately, due to the time spent loading the dinghy we have to motor sail to keep our speed up so as to arrive in time. After passing the tip of Madeira we turn upwind, and are able to turn the engine off for a while as the wind strengthens. Quinta do Lourde is set beneath a massive cliff, and we have a tailwind as we pass the narrow entrance. We are doing 3 knots without engine just under the strength of the wind! Luckily, we have an easy berth, and the marinheiros take our lines without any dramas.
We are moored next to Vendredi (Dan & Carole) the Canadian boat who we met in Porto Santo. Next but one to us is a big Najad 441 (Lars) who is doing ARC+.
After settling the boat, completing the formalities, and having the customary arrival beer, we have a pizza at the local cafe, or should I say the only cafe!