42:47.16N 9:2.93W Rounding Cabo Finisterra (Cape Finisterre)

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Tue 11 Jul 2023 20:02
11/07/2023 Muxia to Muros
Distance covered 37nm
Only a relatively short trip, but a landmark day in many respects. We had good conditions for rounding Finisterre. Wind on the nose about 15 to 20 knots, and the forecast 2m swell. Low cloud made Finisterre look brooding and somewhat sinister. Wouldn't like to be caught here on a bad day! Needed to get around here today as the wind is picking up tomorrow on the North Galician coast. Decided to call into Muros as Baiona at an additional 47nm was too much of a stretch given the conditions, and the other rias are National Parks which require a permit.
Today was the day that we truly started heading South, and we dipped below 43 degrees for the first time. To celebrate we had the company of many groups of dolphins from Muxia right around Finisterre. We were on edge though as we are still in an Orca hot-spot, so are following advice and hugging the coast where possible, motoring rather than sailing, and hand steering. Having said that, we study the Orcas.Pt Telegram group every day, and it seems as though the ones which made the attacks around here are probably now in Biscay with the tuna. Now we Having passed the cape, the swell was coming more from astern, pushing us along. We also benefit from a South running current, such as it is, and having passed the inflection point, the predominant wind is from the North.
Tony was also on edge about the transmission, following the incident in La Coruna. Every little noise out of place gets instant attention. It has been playing on his mind whether the unattached rope cutter could be doing damage, so having arrived in Muros early he decided to go over the side to check it out first hand. All was in order, and although unattached, the stop for the cutter just taps against the mount where it normally fits, so as good as it can be until we get hauled out.
Didn't like the look of the anchorage in Muros, so we're on the other side of the bay in a quiet spot. It's a bit windier here, but not at all rolly like Muxia, where we were glad to leave, although Muxia is prettier than Muros.
Spent some time this afternoon rehashing our plans as strong winds are forecast for next week, and we want to get to Lisbon if possible before they arrive. We are very conscious of time pressure with respect to getting to Lagos, so not exactly enjoying this sprint down the Galician coast.
Off to Baiona tomorrow where we will call for fuel. The marina there says they are full, so we may end up anchoring again, or heading up the ria to Vigo.