The engine delivers us a nasty surprise...

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Thu 20 Jul 2023 18:47
Wednesday 19/07/2023 Povoa de Varzim
Foggy today. Lasted until late afternoon until finally banished by the howling North wind. A good day for checking engine alignment, but first onto more pressing matters. Need to order some hen's teeth. Followed up the first supplier with a phone call. Answered by a surly chap who insisted he was very busy, and had a lot of emails to trawl through. When Tony also said he needed some extra hen's teeth to put in the worm drive holes, he asked for a second email, and promised to put it at the top of his list. Seems like we've heard this before somewhere. Everyone is busy, but nothing ever gets done! Obviously no go there, so try the second supplier. Couldn't have been more different. Very obliging thank you, and yes, we can ship to Portugal. Good oh! Card details given, and the order made. Order confirmation pops up, and with it confirmation from the first supplier, who have grade 8 as opposed to grade 5 for the initiated, so we decide to place an order with them, as theirs are actually cheaper. They quoted us for ordinary nuts with spring washers as well as nyloc, but it's only a few quid, and better to have too much than not enough. The delivery charge was five times the cost of the goods, but delivery promised for tomorrow. Now we have two FedEx packages winging our way.
Back to the engine alignment. After much huffing and puffing, the shaft flange, I can hear Jill yawning already, is disconnected and measurements made. Tony only has a metric feeler gauge set on board which he chucked in at the last minute. Looks like a slight gap to port. Damn, it's out of the tolerance range! Decide on plan A, which is to install the new bolts and get everythng firmed up, then see if another one shears, as we will have plenty of spares, before going back to engine alignment, as it's a pig to do lateral alignment, and we don't have a crowbar on board. Whyever not, I hear you ask? 'Fraid we left it at home with the kitchen sink...
Just about to pack up for the day when I decide to check the engine mounts. Put my hand on the one beneath the raw water pump, and it comes away with liquid on it... Bad news. Check it further, and sure enough there is a salt trail between the vanes with a drip at the end, and a little rusty reservoir of salt water on the engine mount. My jaw hits the cabin floor. This is a brand new pump with less than 50-hours on it, replacing the 20-odd year old one which was a bit worn but never leaked... Left that at home as the risk assessment said we would never need the old one, and don't have room for it anyway. Oh yes, the engineer never turned up either!
Morale is at a new low. We're never going to escape this godforsaken place! Cheered ourselves up with a massive ice-cream at our favourite ice-cream parlour before turning in.