17:40.8N 27:16.6W A week at sea

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Wed 6 Dec 2023 19:37
Sat 25 - Sun 25/11/2023 Atlantic Day 6 (Days run from 1200 to 1200 UTC)
Distance run in 24h 138.3 nm. Atlantic distance 978.9 nm. Total distance to date 2909.9 nm.
We have been at sea for a week now, and normally would have expected to have picked up the trade winds. Not so this year, as we continue to head South Westward in search of them.
Karen has been suffering with her ears again. She has discharge from both ears, and is rapidly becoming deaf. When asked if she wants to divert to the Verdes for medical attention she says no, she prefers to go on.
Niord's fresh water pump stops on Saturday afternoon. Luckily, it is just a blockage in the filter and is quickly fixed by Tony and Jamie. Ray cleans the solar panels in an effort to improve their performance. All to no avail.
A magical moonset on Sunday morning. Jamie  is up early, and spots some dolphins playing around Niord's bow.