33:3.65N 16:19.2W Landfall!

Niord's Big Adventure
Tony Gratton
Sat 19 Aug 2023 13:07
Wednesday 16/08/2023 Land Ahoy!
Distance covered for leg: 480.9nm
The wind has deserted us, so we end up motoring towards Porto Santo. The first peaks start showing at 35-40 nm. Bit by bit Porto Santo reveals itself. On our final run-in we are joined by a pair of dolphins, but Claire who so wanted to see them is looking elsewhere, so misses them! We still have light, but it is around 8pm when we finally enter the harbour where the ferry is loading up. It is quite windy, and really crowded. We have a couple of attempts to anchor, as there is no room in the marina, but each time a wind shift put us uncomfortably close to a Polish boat, though they seem little perturbed. By now the light is starting to go, so we leave and set our anchor outside the harbour off the beach. We are all exhausted, so Tony & Rob tidy up Niord on deck while Claire cooks dinner. After an arrival beer and dinner the anchor watch is set, and we collapse gratefully into bed