Sitrep 07/06/11 Position 37:40.8N 031:18.0W

Susan Ayu
Peter Costalas
Tue 7 Jun 2011 11:00
Another good days average speed of 7.1 kts

135 miles to go, so we should arrive sometime before noon tomorrow although
the wind is forecast to drop as we get nearer the Islands.

Good sailing in good wind but otherwise poor weather (drizzle plus poor
viz) and a very lumpy sea prior to midnight. Wind now from the south sou
west and given us a 6-7 knot last run in to Horta.

Hopefully an asymetric run later.

Galley Notes: Chilli Con Carne with rice and tortilla wrap prepared by
Bernie who is now firing on all cylinders in matters cuisine. (He will now
be a valuable resource to Brenda in future).

Fishing Notes: Dixie Tricks (with facelift and makeover) deployed.

All well onboard
Susan Ayu Crew (FONGs)

Late breaking news - it seems that Bernie (*** Michelin) has got the bread
to rise!