Blog 2/06/11

Susan Ayu
Peter Costalas
Thu 2 Jun 2011 14:01

Bernie’s Blog - Day 11 – Thursday 2 June 2011


The day for me started quietly; I took over the Watch from Colin. All was well. Breakfast of muesli, orange and Yorkshire tea was passed to me in the cockpit. One sip and all hell was let loose! The wind suddenly and violently changed direction by 150 degrees and rose from 10 to 30 knots. Such is life and at sea never take anything for granted. We fully reefed genoa and mainsail and within 10 mins we were back under control. I was soaked through (as was our skipper) and, as I write, Rod has taken over fro me..


Yesterday day was dhobey day for Colin and Rod. My clothes wash was going to be today but as you will gather from the para above it is not a good drying day!


Sue 2’s cake and Di’s Welsh cakes are finished. Thank you both.


Last evenings’ meal was tinned sausages (that had already made the transatlantic voyage last ear!), mashed (Smash) potato and baked beans. Luverly.


We are beginning to think about our possible date of departure from the Azores should we arrive as expected. Our original estimate of flying home around 15th is currently looking good; and possibly even 13 or 14th. We’d also like to do a bit of sightseeing to get a feel for the Azores.  So, don’t get out the ‘Welcome Home’ banners yet. We’ll keep you informed.


We are looking for a couple of crew for the final leg from Azores to Dartmouth departing Azores 10-15 July for 10 days passage o Dartmouth. We have informed the RNVR Yacht Club as well as the West Devon ONF (ie Old Naval Farts).


So dear readers, as I close we are all at sea and in this tumble drier together. We expect better weather and calmer waters ahead …. and very soon, I hope!