Blog 28th May

Susan Ayu
Peter Costalas
Sat 28 May 2011 15:27

Bernie’s Blog - Day 8 –  Saturday 28 May


Following a day of motoring  we gained enough wind last evening, after a very good  Bangers & mash  supper, to sail overnight … and as I write  we are still sailing and making 6 kts. Baked beans on toast is in reserve for a future lull in the wind!


We are a third of the way to Azores so around 10-12 June is still a possibility. If you hear the Azores High mentioned in the weather forecast think of us to the south of it for now.


Rod continues to keep us amused with anecdotes. This morning over breakfast we were talking about the Asian liking for chicken feet to eat. Rod said that in Korea a farmer had tried to ‘cash-in’ on this particular food by developing a 4-legged chicken. The trouble was he could never catch them!


Peter S (P2) also keeps us amused (or bewildered) with his unique vocabulary. Today’s ‘P2-Speak’ offering: The: Opening & closing things – Valves!


This morning we are busy with ‘housekeeping’ tasks. Peter (P1) is cleaning upperdeck brightwork and looking at the holding tank; Peter (P2) has been washing down the cockpit area; and Bernie has defrosted and the cleaned the fridge. Rod & Colin have been helping. There is always something to do around a yacht at sea - either cleaning or repairing.


Tonight is ‘Saturday Night at Sea’ and we will celebrate with an ‘on passage’ favourite - Fray Bentos Chicken & Mushroom avec spuds and assorted vegetables. And the Naval Toast for today: “Wives and Sweethearts”.