Noon Sitrep 29/05/11 Position 27:49.3N 050:57.5W

Susan Ayu
Peter Costalas
Sun 29 May 2011 15:21
Speed 4.0 for the day (based on miles made good from noon yesterday)

1291 miles to go.

Wind all over the place. First 12 hours was mainly motor sailing then
shortly before 0200 the wind strenghtened. for a brisk sail into the wind
for 2 hours. Then nothing for 45 mins then hard on again. We are approaching
the back end of the low system which is stationary head of of us. It is
forecast to dissapate over the next 24 hours but we may need to tack to
avoid the worst of the centre.

Galley Notes: Skipper's Saucisse Casserole.

Fishing Notes: Nothing - Even the Portuguese Man O'War gave Darcy a wide

All well onboard
Susan Ayu Crew (FONGs)