Fw: Sitrep 21 Jan 10

Susan Ayu
Peter Costalas
Thu 21 Jan 2010 14:33

Noon Position 19 27.8N 038 03.1W
Speed 6.0kts
Wind ENE 5 Clear Sky and Mod sea
1360 miles to go.
Running well and stronger forecast set for the next 36 hours so should get some good miles under our belts.
Charlize getting into ships routine. Always a danger of anthropomorphic analysis but since tuesday morning when a not very happy Bernie again went forward with an aggresive looking stance, scrubbing brush and bucket to clean up, she has reduced her deck droppings by flying round and depositing her poo in the ocean. Now I am not suggesting you can toilet train a Heron but...................
Galley produced stunning lunch and dinner. Lunch was a potato and bacon "Rosti" with fried eggs. Followed by a suprise Jelly to mark the halfway point. Then last night we had Risotto a'la porcini followed by apple with a crusted topping. "The girl done good again".
All well onboard
Susan Ayu Crew