Sitrep 19th Jan 10

Susan Ayu
Peter Costalas
Sun 18 Apr 2010 18:41
Noon Position 18 41.7'N 033 13.0'W
Speed 7.0kts
Wind ENE 5 Clear Sky and Mod sea
1633 miles to go.
Good Days run at 164 miles so now going well after the lighter airs of the last 2 days.
Edith still with us and shows no sign of going. We have still not decided if she is an Egret so have dual called it Charlize just in case its a heron.
Fortunately although we caught nothing yesterday Edith benefited from the fact that 2 flying fish and a squid landed on deck. So at least she is eating fresh food.
Sausage and mash and tinned peas last night (Christine had a night off).
Elizabeth - could you get Bob to look at the photo of Edith on the blog page to see if he can identify it?
All well onboard
Susan Ayu Crew