Fw: Noon Sitrep 28/05/11 Position 27:05.0N 052:30.6W

Susan Ayu
Peter Costalas
Sat 28 May 2011 15:29
Speed 5.0 for the day

1382 miles to go.

Wind light and variable up to 2000 last night when it steadied from the south at 8-11 kts and we have been beam reaching since then. Wind forecast to decrease later today so we may end up motoring through another light airs patch.

Galley Notes: Guest Chef Colin produced his "Keith Richards Bangers and Mash". We got satisfaction.

Fishing Notes:Mr Darcy once again failed to attract any of the hoards of Atlantic Dorade. You would have thought there was one bloody fish out there with literary pretensions.

All well onboard
Susan Ayu Crew (FONGs)