Day 20

Untied and all wrapped up
Mike, Paul, Connor
Thu 27 Sep 2012 06:26
32:22 S 46:48 E

A whole day of bliss , well almost. The engine droned on and on. Winds were
down and for the whole day we motored , and the more we motored the calmer
the seas became. Such a difference from the Night before. We all got some
good rest and even some cleaning . The Albatross's came to see us off. I
guess as the water gets warmer they start going down South. We had Sooty
Albatross , GreyHeaded , Royal all coming to effortlessly glide and swoop
over the yacht. We are still heading east and the plan is that in a few
days we hope to get a South Wind to blow us up North to the Islands of
Reunion and Mauritius. But who knows , The Indian ocean is a fickle
mistress , one moment you are awed by her beauty and next you are diving
for cover as she throws a tantrum. Here is hoping she will be kind to us.