Day 63

Untied and all wrapped up
Mike, Paul, Connor
Sun 11 Nov 2012 19:47
5:54 N 95:48 E

I would love to tell you all how wonderful the sailing is , but at the
rate of sounding like an old woman , moaning about to much wind , or lack
of wind we have now got another problem.

The Current. We have a 2 Knot current going in the opposite direction we
are going in. So this means we have to sail at 6 knots to make 4 knots
headway. And considering that there is hardly any wind or if there is wind
its been on the nose , the going has been very very slow. Everyone has
been a bit disappointed as we were hoping to have a nice 5 day sail down
the straights and on towards Singapore. Not at this rate. We are very
worried now as we know at this speed and trying to push the boat this hard
we are going to run short of fuel. Drama , circles in circles... Yikes