Day 64

Untied and all wrapped up
Mike, Paul, Connor
Mon 12 Nov 2012 14:38
5:29 N 97:18 E

Tough night last night , we got hit by a Sumatra , Its also known as an Arch Squall ( Think Arch Enemy ). 40 knots of wind
and huge amounts of rain. I managed to drop the main sail and furl in the Jib just before it hit , so we rode it out in
relative comfort

Today while motor-sailing we passed numerous Indonesian boats. They have a high bow , and are banana shaped. These guys
troll the waters with lures behind the boats for Delrado.(Type of fish). So Mikes on the helm and next thing one of the guys
putts ( Sound of his engines woke me ) up to the yacht , his crew has a balaclava on and the scream and shout for... Yep ,
booze. We almost wet ourselves , thought we were getting pirated . So when we motioned that we had no booze he eased off the
throttle and dis-appeared . That got the blood pressure up a bit.

With all the motoring we have had to do , Mike has been furiously tapping away at the calculator to work out if we would
have enough to get to Singapore. Nope , so we have to head to Penang and find some fuel there.. Eekkkk , Never a dull moment
.. I just hope the Sumatra Squalls are not sneaking around tonight. I have had enough of big weather for a while.