Day 30 / Mauritius

Untied and all wrapped up
Mike, Paul, Connor
Wed 10 Oct 2012 05:07
20:09 S 57:29 E

We made Landfall today at around 4 in the afternoon. Conner was very
excited , Mike and myself were secretly hoping that he wasn't going to beg
a plane ticket home as he seemed real eager to get off the boat. Big seas
and bad weather does that. After ambling into harbour on Sunday evening
thinking that we would have to spend the night at the customs dock area
waiting for them to open the next morning , we landed up actual catching
them as they were about to go home. So in typical "government" fashion we
rushed and scribbled and got stamped in , an hour later we were having
Drinks at the sunset café ( What we noticed did not have a view of the
sunset )