Day 4 Mossel Bay

Untied and all wrapped up
Mike, Paul, Connor
Tue 11 Sep 2012 01:04
34: 10.72 S 22:08.73

We arrived at Mossle bay at first light , The wind had picked up while we waited for a little light . By the time we headed into the harbour it was blowing pretty hard outside. Once inside we had the task of looking for a place to tie up. We hunted around the mooring where all the yachts were and we could only find a small narrow parking ( No where near big enough for a Catamaran ) ,So we were just about to " Raft up" to one of the bigger boats on the jetty when a Trawler skipper shouted over. He eventually ask/told us to tie up alongside him , so we did just that. Sometimes when the wind is howling outside its a real treat to tie up to anything , even if its a smelly Sardine Trawler. By 8 in the morning we all had coffee and were sitting on the aft deck admiring Mossle bay on a Sunday morning. Lets just say the only thing that was happening was the gulls were waking up , even the seals were snoring and farting away between the trawlers. We spent the day doing a few odd jobs on the boat and filling up fuel takes , that evening we all rested , watching movies and eating a delicious "land meal" from a very quaint restaurant called "the sea Gypsy"