Day 47

Untied and all wrapped up
Mike, Paul, Connor
Wed 24 Oct 2012 21:18
11:01 S 66:13 E

We are still out here , and still sailing hard. I remember hearing the
expression " Gentlemen never beat to wind ward ". I kinda know why , you
have to be pretty savage or a delivery team to beat for so long into the
wind. Its horrible. Imagine your whole house slamming , blamming , pulling
and the floor been pulled out from under you. Add to it water flying over
outside area making it impossible to open any windows for air. Add three
sailors , some baked beans , a bit of coffee and well it can get pretty
explosive. So far Conner and myself have got full on waves in the face
much to Mikes Mirth , at least the water is warm , a whole 32 degrees
warm. Singapore seems so far away , Conner has started talking about all
the foods he wants to eat when he gets back ( Happens every trip) , We
start talking about our next trip.