Day 50

Untied and all wrapped up
Mike, Paul, Connor
Sun 28 Oct 2012 16:37
7:10 S 72:06 E

When i left Cape Town 50 days ago , i was sure that we would have finished
the trip by this date. Not so , with Heavy weather all the way up the
South African East Coast , and then Cyclone Anais , here we are , still
out here. At least we have some wind to sail with. We are passing the
British Military base called Diego Garcia , we have had to keep 15 Miles
away from it due to "top secret" regulations. The have probably sent a spy
plane over to see who we are and i am surprised that they have not Radioed
us up and asked for Details and Blood Types. The Sea Temperature is 35
Degrees , hectic , we are all sure that there must be an underwater
Volcano heating the waters. days are really stunning out here , but the
nights everyone seems to dread. We have been getting Squalls and rain
almost every night for the last week. Torrential rain , strong winds and
then suddenly no wind has had everyone very much on "tender hooks". So
here is hoping for some nice stable winds , some calm seas and a pleasant
sail to the other side. Come on everyone , posituive vibes here.. Shake
those sticks .