Day 27

Untied and all wrapped up
Mike, Paul, Connor
Wed 3 Oct 2012 21:45
28:18 S 59:33 E

I woke to the monotonous sound of the Engines running. It could only mean
one thing , No wind. With the winds abating the seas have taken on what us
Sailors call a Mirror. I think landlubbers would have a different view of
what we call a Mirror. Think Ink blue silk been slowly undulated , huge
"ripples" pushing across the open plains of ocean. Yup , thats what we call
a mirror. Even the Birds had taken to sitting on the surface as there were
just no winds to help them cruise along ( Means the lazy things would have
to Flap). I make it sound like there are hundreds , but today we saw maybe
4 Shearwaters and thats it. We have been pushing North all day and with us
heading north we decided to stop mid ocean and have a Blue Water swim.
Another first for Conner. Lets just say even I still feel intimidated
jumping off the back of a boat into water that is 4 miles deep. Its just
the thought of what's below you. Will you make a new scientific discovery
as some massive squid decides to surface and wrap its huge tentacle around
your leg , will you be the first person to swallow a jellyfish ? Its all
these thoughts that cross your mind as you take a leap of faith/stupidity
and dive into water so clear that it feels like your in space. Your mind
can reel at things like , Am I the first person ever to swim at these co
ordinates? , And my favourite one that usually gets me out the water pretty
quickly is , What's that thing tugging on my foot?