Day 30

Untied and all wrapped up
Mike, Paul, Connor
Sat 6 Oct 2012 21:56
21:55 S 57:32 E

We are about 18 Hours from Mauritius. The VHF radio has started Buzzing
with chatter of French people trying to communicate. I don't know why but
they all sound so bored when speaking with each other. Everyone is looking
forward to some land under their feet , Looks like maybe Sunday Afternoon
sometime. We are all feeling a bit "creaky" as we have been sailing in the
same way for 4 days now. Let me try and explain , The wind is hitting us
on the side at a 90 degree angle. That pushes the boat at an angle , so
everything is tilted. Add to this speeding along the water and things feel
like they are sliding all the time. Add to this some waves , with
unpredictable hops and skips , bangs and shudders , and you get what we
have been doing for the last few days. Not moaning or anything , just
trying to fill you in what sailing is like. You have to grip hold of every
surface as you move around the boat , Its always better to sit rather than
try and stand ( You can only fall so far when sitting). Cooking dinner
should become a Olympic sport , balancing pots and cups. Just trying to
keep the pots over the flames is both a test of endurance and humour. Just
trying to keep your diner on a plate is a mission. Damn Jem Squash seem to
roll all over the place. And woe and behold is you use a coffee cup that
is Tapered on the bottom . Ohh Heres a handy hint , Never drink hot coffee
at the Helm , It sprays out the cup.