DD and GG (Developpment Durable and Go Green)

Noeluna en route pour Singapour
Matthieu Vermersch
Sat 6 Feb 2010 01:36

Did you know that short from living in a cave or something, living on a boat is the less polluting, most energy efficient and water saving way of life??

We have solar panels for electricity and water heating, we hardly need any fuel because the wind pushes us and since the beginning of the boat’s trip (from the Canaries), we have travelled about 4000 nautical miles (almost 8000 km.) and only used 500 litres of fuel. (An average car would use 800 litres of fuel just to move) We use 500 litres of fuel to generate electricity (for the refrigerator, the lamp sand watermaker) and move our 12 tonne boat when there is no wind.

We also have a water maker which means we can use sea water to drink and wash, we don’t have to buy much fish because we fish it ourselves and were gonna install a wind turbine like most of the other boats. We don’t need heating because the sun is always there and were all either really sun tanned or just burned out and red by the sun…

Our garbage is also very diminished as we have to keep our garbage bags on the boat so we throw all our organic waste to sea (THIS DOES NOT POLLUTE on the contrary of what some people think) or sometimes as bait for fishing.

Being on a boat also means being closer to animals like dolphins, turtles and sometimes, whales. There’s a rule on the boat that is whenever a dolphin or something else is near the boat we have to reel the fishing lines.

I guess I kind of said everything so anyway,