Pacific... Here we are !!!

Noeluna en route pour Singapour
Matthieu Vermersch
Tue 26 Jan 2010 04:10

We are glad to write a small note from Panama City, the city on the Pacific side, where we arrived yesterday, after spending 23 hours exactly, in between the two oceans.

We left Colon, the Atlantic side of Panama, 2 days ago, crossed the 3 locks which bring you to the Gatun Lake. It is a beautiful artificial, soft water lake located in the middle of the Canal passage. We spent the night there, and left the next morning very early to start the second step of our journey ; we crossed the last 3 locks, Miraflores Locks, and finally arrived in the Pacific. We had to go up 28 meters, and then go down 28 meters. Everybody was very busy trying to hold the boat straight… But such an amazing experience.

We are now in Panama City marina, trying to catch up with the CNED, the French school by correspondence, in order to send enough tests before we go again on the sea, next week.


We are practicing our Spanish again, and it’s quite cool. We also eat a lot of local fish : corvina at every meal. Do I really have to talk about fish and fishing… No I don’t think so, it’s really not necessary… I’m sure Ferdinand will find on his way the Wizard of Oz -Fishing Dept-.


Anyway, we have to say that we were lucky enough to meet some really wonderful people  since we started our trip at the end of December (including our stay in Sainte Lucia). Beeing as “minded available” as we are – no real schedule, no material problems (I mean, except the generator, the desalt machine and some other mild troubles…!), totally open on the outside world allowed us to meet really nice people ; Elizabeth and Jeff and their adorable daughters were just like long time friends in Sainte Lucia, even though we didn’t know them a few weeks ago… Reinhardt also, who came with us on the boat after the departure line, and took the risk to be left behind on the Caribbean Sea, just to make sure that we knew  how to use the parasailor for the race…


It’s time to go to bed : no real schedule, but just a few things to do tomorrow … fixing the boat, teaching 5th grade and 7th grade , do the food shopping, cleaning the boat, washing the clothes, do the… but  having fun …





PS: yellow bananas are not an option anyway…