Noeluna unplugged, 6th Dec 2230 UTC

Noeluna en route pour Singapour
Matthieu Vermersch
Sun 6 Dec 2009 22:33

We gave you the prequel, we gave you the sequel, now we give you the Deleted scenes with the Director’s comments


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-          Scene 13: The scene where Come is secretly fishing at night, manages to catch a tuna and pierces it 150 times with a knife in a scene of unprecedented butchery. Although the scene allowed us to show a new twist of Come’s complex personality as well as to show the highs and lows of his on-going fish therapy, we thought the scene was ultimately too long and too gory

-          Scene 7: The scene where we have an emotional unexpected encounter with a boat full of young Ukrainian women back in 2012 after 3 years at sea. Although the scene was quite pleasant to shoot, we thought it might be controversial back at home, maybe even unpopular, so we decided to reject it. For the anecdote and to give them full credit, those young persons are the ones who ultimately managed to fix the generator back in 2017

-          Scene 5: The scene where Matthieu finally crosses the finishing line after 114 days at sea and is greeted by Lee Kuan Yew and Nicolas Sarkozy, the later carrying his freshly ironed clothes. Matthieu is clearly overjoyed and everybody plays a fantastic part in convincing him that he won the race. Although we cut this scene as we felt it might not look credible, the emotional look of Matthieu and his tears really touched all of us and we might reintegrate it in a later release.

-          Scene 18: The scene where we show Philippe after 6 months of starvation at sea: he has lost tremendous weight and he has reached the barely acceptable level of 96 kgs: his face is emaciated and his prominent bones are a very poor sight. We decided to cut the scene as it was emotionally difficult to bear and the public rating would probably have had to be adjusted. He is now back to his normal self at 22 stones and his fans can rejoy at the return of his enjoyable physical features


With warm regards from the Director/Script writer