blue skies 68:47.32N 51:26.87W

mollihawk's shadow
eddie nicholson
Sat 2 Aug 2014 14:12
A comfortable night at anchor was had in Christianshap and the day today was started by a bit of canoeing and mussle hunting in the bay.
   We discovered that the muscles were too small for eating and darted over to a towering iceberg in the dinghy instead. With the sun out and the berg slowly melting it makes for a fantastic sight up close.
Eddie spotted an Artic Fox cub brown in colour with a white tail as he canoed along the coastline.
Another day with little or no wind in store so we plan to motor to Sisimuit for night fall which will be closing in as we proceed Downwards.
All around on the horizon are enormous icebergs floating in the currents and glistening as the sun shines on them.
Dermot set the pace, as we departed our anchorage, for catching Cod and once the location was agreed Mike took up a rod and landed 3 in as many minutes as the rest of us stood by with limp lines in hand! Not the first time!  looking forward to Fishy Lunch!