56:58.30N 33:34.62W 1/3 THERE

mollihawk's shadow
eddie nicholson
Wed 13 Aug 2014 09:00
We have the wind behind us and the sails poled out scooting down the waves doing 6 –7 knots. How Bad.
The nights are darker but pleasant enough and we are kept company by the gulls and fulmers which seem to glide millimetres above the waves but never touch the water.
Yesterday we were joined by a pod of Pilot Whales who surfed alongside for an hour , mixed in the pack were some dolphins, this had the cameras rolling.
We are having to do running repairs on one of the sails (code zero) as little tears appear, this involves taking the sail down and fitting some sail cloth to the effected area. Thankfully the weather is calm as it is a trick enough job without a big sea throwing you about as well.
We are 1/3 of the way there now and it has been raised at the last comm-mit-tee meeting which is held always in the Pub that we should put our clocks back an hour as we reach the 1/3 , 2/3, and 3/3 points, knowing who raised the point it must be connected to the benefit of having the pub open tonight an hour early!