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eddie nicholson
Wed 2 Jul 2014 10:51

With the crew almost complete and the gear which we sent out over a month ago nearly here, we are as organised as we can be in Lewisporte.
The boat was in great shape thanks to Ivan and Jean of Coast to Coast and was launched waiting for us when we arrived.
Mike and Dermot flew out a day early to provision the boat.
5 trollies of food later and a very surprised check out girl said her previous best was $700 , we more than doubled that!

Being Canada Day here yesterday it was a holiday but not celebrated up here as we might Paddy's day and we met an Irish lad Lloyd Kelly who is working the Summer as a marine engineer.
As with all Irish we know someone who he knows and in fact his father made the O'Dare wetsuits which we all had at one time.
Lloyd helped with all our electronic issues and there are always a lot at the start of a trip especially when everything has been in shut down mode for almost 12 months.

Mike has taken up residence in the galley as usual with bacon and eggs being presented this morning on Irish time 3.5 hours earlier than expected!
Some choice words were heard from those who weren't too keen to accept the brekky in bed! We now have his watch back on local time.
Dermot has his safety hat on and is preparing the boat and the crew for every eventuality from ice berg poles to storm sail training.
Harry the Wind Farm specialist has taken a keen interest in the New Wind Vane and the rest of us are delighted to leave all that technical stuff to him!

We hope to set sail on Saturday with the full complement of crew and gear and head for the shores of Greenland.
Until then we'll enjoy the warm weather and finish our packing.

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